Connecting students to the upcoming professional life

SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT (school + economy) stands for a successful cooperation between schools and companies organized in de-central, regional working groups all over Germany. The core of this public-private approach is to connect the school and the business worlds with each other. Representatives from companies and public institutions bring their knowledge and experience into the schools, directly to the students, to connect them with the real facts of business and to show them perspectives for their own way into professional life.


As an active member of SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT we contribute in several yearly events, not only to get young people interested for the MRO business but also to strengthen our regional connection

  • We participate in regular meetings of the regional working group as well as with middle and high schools of the Rhine-Hesse region to improve the processes and to strengthen the quality of the cooperation
  • We attend in four "meet and greet" days a year at local and regional schools, at which our representatives give application trainings and where all questions concerning apprenticeships, job opportunities and general business life will be answered
  • We are an active part of local and regional "career information days" (job and apprenticeship fairs at schools) in Alzey and Mainz every year