50th PW1500G completion

Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey (LTAA) has delivered its 50th Engine completion in October 2020. LTAA introduced the PW1500G Engine Series in Mid 2018 after less than a year of preparation time. In the fall of the same year, the first Heavy Maintenance Events were already inducted in the Shop.

As a member of the GTF Network, LTAA has established the full overhaul capacity and has ramped up to host over 20 Engine in the WIP. A significant increase of Maintenance personal, procurement of new machines, as well as new buildings, were accomplished in order to provide the new generation of low fuel consuming PW1500G Engines a home base.

In 2020, LTAA was able to follow the market demand and has inducted in the majority Heavy Maintenance Events. These Shop Visits included complete teardown of the HPC Modules under Special Procedure source approval requirements (approved by Pratt& Whitney). Along with the Maintenance activities of the Engines, the part repair services were extended and currently around 300 backshop repairs are available.

The introduction of the PW1500 at LTAA was a major milestone in the company history, since the technical requirements of the newest Engine technology of the fuel efficient PW1500G Engine were challenging. However, LTAA as a full DSP (Designated Service Provider), has become a key player in the PW1500G Network.