Mobile Repair Team of LTAA successfully completed another engine change on a Challenger 604 aircraft in the UK

preventing the domino effect of flight delay

More and more countries are opening their borders again, and herewith our customers are getting their aircraft back up into the air. The demand on our on-site services is increasing, and a couple of engine changes took place within the last weeks. It is a great honour for us when we receive such a positive feedback:

"Lufthansa Technik Aero Alzey MRTsuccessfully completed another engine change last week on one of our valuable CL604 OnPoint customer at a remote location in the UK. This engine had been experiencing unserviceable defects in the hot section, which required a shop visit for repair. Given the fact that we had high demand on the LTAA MRT already on multiple other projects going on at the same time, our AOG support request for an additional team has been serviced by the Lufthansa team without delays by mobilizing additional manpower and reshuffle the individual qualifications to the required geographical locations. However, what was expected to be a routine engine change and QEC buildup grew into a tangled web of conflicting challenges started with the delayed arrival of the spare engine due to custom issue, parts to be swapped didn't pass inspection needed to be replaced and not available, culminated in a complete rearrangement of the entire manpower setup on all ongoing OnPoint missions.

We have been demonstrated one more time, that the LTAA On-Site does stay focused on the customers needs. With the routine and expertise, the priorities have been set and implemented to avoid a domino effect of delays and clear one project after the other with meeting the timelines or evens ahead of the time and returned the rebuilt engine to our happy customers. It would be just too long of a list to mention all the names. So our sincere thanks to each and everyone of the entire On-Site Support Team continuously fighting the good fight in the field as well as in the background."

Atilla Hepuerker
Senior Field Service Engineer GE Aviation