Lufthansa Technik Aero Alzey: 30 years of support for the CF34 engine

Growing customer demand requires facility expansion

This year, Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey (LTAA) has two occasions to celebrate: The wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik AG now counts 30 years of experience in the maintenance, repair and overhaul of CF34 engines – a type that mainly powers regional and business aircraft. In 1992, the first overhauled CF34-3 engines were redilivered in Alzey, the first engine type of the later CF34 series. The engine type has since then developed into a stable backbone in the service portfolio of the company:  The CF34-8 was introduced in 2002, and the CF34-10 in 2011.

As one of the world's leading providers of repair and overhaul services for this type of engine, the company has been complementing the network of engine manufacturer General Electric (GE) for 30 years. During this time, the employees of LTAA have managed close to 2,000 shop events and more than 200 customers.

"Congratulations to LTAA on 30 years of supporting the CF34 program," said Cristina Seda-Hoelle, General Manager, Regional and Business Aviation for GE Aviation. "Our commitment remains strong in the continued investment of the CF34 engine line to keep supporting our customers in the regional and business aviation space. LTAA's technical capabilities and proven support fit well with GE's mission to provide superior engine service."

In addition, LTAA`s employees can look forward to the expansion of their facilities: Due to the further growing demand, the construction of a new production building with 1,500 m² area is planned for mid-2023. This allows to create a production-related storage area for tools, modules and devices, which will enable four additional engine bays by repurposing hall space. It is also planned to hire more than 40 new employees with different specializations within the next two years.

"To have over 30 years of sustainable and innovative success with an engine requires a strong partner like GE on the one hand, and our excellently trained employees on the other," said Matthias Gruber, Managing Director of LTAA. "Their outstanding commitment as well as the cooperative partnership has allowed LTAA to shape and help develop the market over a long period of time. That is what makes me personally extremely proud of our company." 


Provision of piece-parts repair

Pratt & Whitney and Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey ("LTAA") have signed an agreement for the provision of piece-part repairs for the PW1500G engine. As a member of Pratt & Whitney's Geared Turbofan Network, LTAA introduced PW1500G engine repair services in 2018  and completed 95 shop visits up to date.

Now LTAA proudly takes the next step to introduce elaborate plasma repairs of various engine parts to provide added value to the PW1500G MRO network. This is another step to strengthen our partnership with Pratt & Whitney, expanding our piece-part repair capabilities, and advancing into the future of engine MRO. 


Lufthansa Technik Aero Alzey: 10 years of support for the CF34-10E engine

120 maintenance events per year

In December of this year, Lufthansa Technik Aero Alzey (LTAA) marks 10 years of experience with the maintenance, repair and overhaul of the CF 34-10E engine – a type used in the Embraer 190 and 195 regional jets and the Embraer Lineage 1000 business jet. LTAA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik, added the CF34-1 and CF34-3 to its portfolio as early as 1991, and they were joined by the CF34-8 in 2002. Since then, LTAA's employees have supported over 550 CF34-10E shop visits and more than 270 on-site visits for customers.

In 2014, the 100th shop visit of a CF34-10E took place. Even if the engine manufacturer General Electric (GE) decided in early 2020 to discontinue new production of the 10E, its future prospects continue to be good, as Raimund Schnell, Vice President Marketing & Sales, explains: "More than 1500 CF34-10 engines are currently in operation around the world, and the 10E is currently experiencing a revival. We have up to 120 maintenance events per year, and we are assuming further growth in the coming years."

Prior to the introduction of the CF34 family's largest engine, which produces up to 20,000 pounds of thrust, the existing test bay had to be enlarged. What is more, preparations were needed for those engine modules that were likely to create the greatest problems for operators. Experience quickly revealed that the engine tended to develop a number of defects in the area of the low-pressure turbine (LPT), with critical manifestations including higher oil consumption and turbine blade fractures. Thus LTAA developed an LPT Module Modification Program. At the heart of the program is the on-site removal of the LPT followed by a workshop repair – cost-effectively and with very short turnaround times: up to four days for the removal and reinstallation of the LPT module, plus up to nine days for the required changes to the module in the workshop. The entire process thus lasted just 14 days – as opposed to the more than 35 days required for a regular workshop visit. In addition, it was possible to dispense with the test run that otherwise would have been necessary. LTAA itself largely developed the tool sets needed to replace the module and procured the fixtures for removing and transporting the engine as well as the transport containers for the LPT module. The program was not limited to the facility in Alzey; LPT modules were removed and reinstalled at sites such as Beijing or Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. During the last expansion stage of the program, the LPT modules were even completely modified in Tulsa and no longer had to be transported to Alzey.

"In addition to the benefits for customers, the LPT Module Modification Program also enabled us to eliminate the backlog created by the delayed introduction of the CF34-10 at LTAA, and maintain our standing with respect to the competition," recalls Thomas Breit, Entry into Service Manager CF34-10 at LTAA.

In parallel, a "top and lower case procedure" for the compressor was developed with GE and introduced to deal with more sizable compressor damage. It considerably reduced the work needed for these repairs. The procedure was first carried out on-site for a customer in Australia, avoiding the transport of the engine all the way from Australia to Alzey.    

LTAA's long years of experience are valued by the engine's manufacturer, GE, as well as by customers: "Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey and Finnair have been collaborating on CF34 engine shop visits for several years successfully. As a customer, we especially appreciate the clear and transparent shop visit process and that there is good communication and seamless co-operation," notes Marko Anttila, Head of Continuing Airworthiness and Powerplant Management at Finnair. We require reliability, cost-effectiveness, and innovative thinking from our MRO suppliers, which we think Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey has provided very well. This has been essential during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic as well."

In addition, LTAA collaborates on the optimization of manuals and pursues an ongoing exchange with GE. The company also supports the OEM in short-term projects.    


Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey signs new contract to support Braathens Regional Airways PW127M fleet


Swedish regional airline Braathens Regional Airways and Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey ("LTAA") have signed a 3 year agreement for the provision of Engine MRO services for Braathens Regional Airways PW127M Engines powering their fleet of ATR72 aircraft.

"We are very pleased to announce that together with LTAA we have now secured our PW127M maintenance input for the next 3 years and look forward to a successful flight operation with their support of proven high-quality service", says Fredrik Matseng, COO of Braathens Regional Airways.

"We would like to express our appreciation to Braathens Regional Airways for entrusting LTAA with the maintenance of their PW127M Engines. We are delighted that we have been chosen as a partner to support Braathens Regional Airways and its passengers with reliable, high-qualilty engine MRO services." outlines Tobias Baumgart, COO of LTAA.


Braathens Regional Airways AB

Braathens Regional Airways (BRA) is owned by the investment company Braganza, totally owned by the family Per G Braathen. Braathens Regional Airways has its majority of operation on domestic routes within Sweden but also a few international routes within the Nordic countries. The airline currently have 12 ATR72-600 within their fleet and have 30% of the Swedish domestic market share. 


Mobile Repair Team of LTAA successfully completed another engine change on a Challenger 604 aircraft in the UK

preventing the domino effect of flight delay

More and more countries are opening their borders again, and herewith our customers are getting their aircraft back up into the air. The demand on our on-site services is increasing, and a couple of engine changes took place within the last weeks. It is a great honour for us when we receive such a positive feedback:

"Lufthansa Technik Aero Alzey MRTsuccessfully completed another engine change last week on one of our valuable CL604 OnPoint customer at a remote location in the UK. This engine had been experiencing unserviceable defects in the hot section, which required a shop visit for repair. Given the fact that we had high demand on the LTAA MRT already on multiple other projects going on at the same time, our AOG support request for an additional team has been serviced by the Lufthansa team without delays by mobilizing additional manpower and reshuffle the individual qualifications to the required geographical locations. However, what was expected to be a routine engine change and QEC buildup grew into a tangled web of conflicting challenges started with the delayed arrival of the spare engine due to custom issue, parts to be swapped didn't pass inspection needed to be replaced and not available, culminated in a complete rearrangement of the entire manpower setup on all ongoing OnPoint missions.

We have been demonstrated one more time, that the LTAA On-Site does stay focused on the customers needs. With the routine and expertise, the priorities have been set and implemented to avoid a domino effect of delays and clear one project after the other with meeting the timelines or evens ahead of the time and returned the rebuilt engine to our happy customers. It would be just too long of a list to mention all the names. So our sincere thanks to each and everyone of the entire On-Site Support Team continuously fighting the good fight in the field as well as in the background."

Atilla Hepuerker
Senior Field Service Engineer GE Aviation 


PW1500G Block G Training successfully completed

LTAA has successfully completed the Block G training for our newest engine product PW1500G. We now have the capability to perform the Block G modification on WA geared turbofan engines powering the Airbus A220.

We are happy to support the PWA PW1500 MRO network. 


1,000st PW150 engine leaves test cell

The PW150 engine (ESN FA0471) of our customer Croatia Airlines was inducted by P&WC for MRO services. It was the 1,000st servicable tested PW150 engine since the first tested engine in 2006. An anniversary which highlights our capacity and gives much incitation in these hard times. 


Fuji Dream Airlines and Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey intensify cooperation

Japanese premium regional airline, Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA), and Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey (LTAA) extend their successful cooperation on the CF34-8E engine MRO services.  The partners signed an extension of their current agreement, accompanied by a 5-year contract extension.

FDA´s General Manager of Maintenance, Takehiko Handa, in a recent video conference between representatives of both companies, thanked LTAA for its continuous great support in these difficult times.  On the same occasion newly assigned LTAA CEO, Matthias Gruber, expressed his strong personal commitment to LTAA remaining steadfast at FDA´s side. "It gives a most rewarding feeling to both partners mastering current and adverse global circumstances together, and with a joint perspective of recovery" he is quoted as saying with regards to the ongoing pandemic. 


Change in Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey Management

We are pleased to welcome and introduce Matthias Gruber as the new CEO of Lufthansa Technik Aero Alzey (LTAA) effective from July 1.

Mr. Gruber joined LTAA on June 1, 2021 and is succeeding Mark Johnson who will start his partial retirement after 13 years with LTAA.

Matthias Gruber was previously CEO at Lufthansa Technik Budapest. He is a certified aircraft mechanic, bachelor professional of Aeronautical Engineering and Operations, and bachelor of Business Administration. Matthias Gruber has built a successful career at Lufthansa Technik over the last 20 years and has held various management positions during this time. 


50th PW1500G completion

Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey (LTAA) has delivered its 50th Engine completion in October 2020. LTAA introduced the PW1500G Engine Series in Mid 2018 after less than a year of preparation time. In the fall of the same year, the first Heavy Maintenance Events were already inducted in the Shop.

As a member of the GTF Network, LTAA has established the full overhaul capacity and has ramped up to host over 20 Engine in the WIP. A significant increase of Maintenance personal, procurement of new machines, as well as new buildings, were accomplished in order to provide the new generation of low fuel consuming PW1500G Engines a home base.

In 2020, LTAA was able to follow the market demand and has inducted in the majority Heavy Maintenance Events. These Shop Visits included complete teardown of the HPC Modules under Special Procedure source approval requirements (approved by Pratt& Whitney). Along with the Maintenance activities of the Engines, the part repair services were extended and currently around 300 backshop repairs are available.

The introduction of the PW1500 at LTAA was a major milestone in the company history, since the technical requirements of the newest Engine technology of the fuel efficient PW1500G Engine were challenging. However, LTAA as a full DSP (Designated Service Provider), has become a key player in the PW1500G Network.



EN9110 audit at Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey's facility

On September 16th we have successfully completed the EN9110 monitoring audit at our Alzey facilities.
Even under the adverse conditions caused by Corona the audit could be completely performed onsite and all certification relevant sectors of LTAA have been audited. 
A special thanks goes to the auditing team for their deliberate work and for recognizing our elaborate quality management system.


Test Cell Expansion

The expansion of our Test Cell II has been completed and already been successfully approved by the LBA. This is another important step for our continuous development and improvement. 


Apprentices 2020

The Corona crisis is one of the hardest ever in the Aviation Industry, and companies have to undertake strong measures like reducing personel to secure their further operations. So much the happier we are to confirm that 15 young people will start their apprenticeship at Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey, starting 1st August 2020. (14 aircraft engine mechanics, 1 milling mechanic). A warm welcome to our new colleagues and we wish you a good start and much success. 


Capital measures for Deutsche Lufthansa AG

The extraordinary General Meeting of Deutsche Lufthansa AG has approved the proposed and necessary capital measures. This means that Deutsche Lufthansa AG can now rely on the agreed state aid.
This means that the business operations of Lufthansa Technik, Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey and all Lufthansa Group companies will continue.
Lufthansa Technik and Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey keep providing reliable services and fulfillment.
Of course, in this challenging situation we will continue to focus on what we like to do best and what we can do best: Keeping aircraft flying and providing the most reliable technical aircraft services.


Visitor information

We are happy to announce that – after a couple of month – we will again welcome visitors at our facilities. Please coordinate visits with an appropriate contact at our company and please pay attention to the visitor information which is published below.



MRO Agreement with IBEX extended

Japan based IBEX Airlines and Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey have extendet their cooperation and will continue their very successful partnership. For three more years LTAA will service Ibex' CF34-8C5 engines. 


Stay in contact with us

Dear customer,

even in times of crisis, we still provide a reliable service and fulfillment and we remain available to you. Please continue to reach out for your personal contacts within the Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey.

In case you should temporarily not be able to reach your personal contacts, or if you do not have any personal contacts in our company yet, please refer to the contact options indicated below.


+49 (0)172 620 3503
+1 918 605 1883


Engine Lease

Single Parts Repair



Other inquiries


Corona crisis

We hope that this message will reach you healthy and that you are able to keep your spirits up amid this difficult situation.

The Covid-19 outbreak continues to heavily impact the entire aviation industry – the airlines, the MROs and all the suppliers.

Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey is faced with a significant reduced demand, customer requests to put engines on hold and with disruptions in the supply chain. The impacts and possible countermeasures are evaluated on a daily basis with the prime goal to continue to support our customers and their needs.

In this light we have to align our production to the current situation by reducing its capacity temporarily by roughly 20% with immediate effect until further notice. We remain fully operational from Monday through Thursday but will suspend production on Fridays. Critical functions like e.g. Logistic and the AOG Desk are not affected by the suspension.
We will continue to closely cooperate and align with you regarding immediate needs and prioritization of certain events and will keep you updated at any time.
We highly appreciated your understanding and patience, as well as your continued support during these challenging times and remain at your disposal. 


Change in the management

We are happy to welcome Tobias Baumgart who will take over the position as COO of Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey (LTAA), effective February 1st, 2020. He moves from Lufthansa Technik Component Services (Tulsa) where he held the position as COO since 2013.

Tobias Baumgart succeeds Martin Hach who will start his partial retirement after almost 11 years with LTAA. 


Engine Support Agreement with Fuji Dream Airlines signed

In March 2019 Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey and Fuji Dream Airlines have signed a comprehensive engine support agreement for a dedicated number of FDA´s CF34-8E5 engines.
Coinciding with FDA´s 10th anniversary in July, LTAA honored this remarkable airline success story with the hand over of a fan blade trophy on the occasion of a visit to FDA´s headquarters at Nagoya´s Komaki Airport.
Pictured during a brief ceremony, FDA´s Director & GM Maintenance Takehiko Handa explained: " Fuji Dream Airlines took off with the desire to connect the region with the region. Safely grown for the last ten years, today Fuji Dream serves Japan with over forty route pairs a day. We are glad to have won LTAA as another partner for  engine maintenance services for the next five years."
"We are delighted that Fuji Dream Airlines, as one of the prominent regional operators in Japan, has entrusted LTAA with the maintenance of their CF34-8 engines. This commitment underlines once more the reputation for high quality and reliable Engine MRO services Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey has earned in Japan through its long term presence and its commitment to the Japanese market", outlines Mark Johnson, CEO of LTAA.