Lease Engine Portfolio & Availability

Our Spare will be there

LTAA has one of the largest portfolios available with over 65 owned and managed assets, powering the worlds most famous operated regional and business aircraft.

As a leader in the market and with more than 25 years of experience in regional aircraft engine sector, we are able to react in a timely manner for any solutions around adjusting our lease engine portfolio within a short time frame to meet your needs.

As a result of our continuous strategy plan in market research, our close working relations with Lufthansa Technik Airmotive Irleand Leasing and of course understanding your main focus, we are one of the global leaders in connecting engine leasing solutions and MRO business.

General Electric Lease Engine Portfolio

Engine Model ESN Remarks Available by
CF34-8C5 194561   on request
CF34-8C5 194549   on request
CF34-8E5 193115   on request
CF34-10E5 994671   on request
CF34-10E5 424285   unavailable
CF34-10E5 424297   unavailable
CF34-10E5 424397   unavailable
CF34-10E5 424584   unavailable
CF34-10E5 424734   unavailable
CF34-10E5 424793   on request
CF34-10E5 424794   unavailable

Pratt & Whitney Canada Lease Engine Portfolio


Engine Model ESN Remarks Available by
PW119B/C AZ0003  

on request

PW119B RGB Module 116097   on request
PW120A 121164   unavailable
PW121(ATR) 120603   on request
PW121(ATR) 120292   on request
PW123B 123256   on request
PW123B AR0011   on request
PW124B 124365   on request
PW125B 125016 in QEC unavailable
PW125B 125197 in QEC unavailable
PW127F AK0011   on request
PW127M ED1653   on request
PW127M AM0096   unavailable
PW127M AM0056   on request
PW127M 127179   on request
PW127M AV0081   on request
PW127M ED0138   on request
PW127M ED0766   on request
PW127M ED1749   unavailable
PW150A FA0023   on request
PW150A FA0852   on request
PW150A FA0853   unavailable
PW150A FA0419   on request
PW150A FA1015   on request
PW150A FA1305   on request
PW127M ED1746   unavailable