Services for all your needs

MRO & Spare

We provide spare engine support for your scheduled and unscheduled engine removals to ensure continuous operation. The structure of the lease is according to your requirements. Based on the time your engine will be in our shop, a customized lease period will be defined. The lease is charged on a daily fee basis as well as a usage fee for the hours and cycles consumed. To simplify the redelivery of the lease engine we ask for minimum requirements, e.g. free lease return inspection, no test cell run. 

Spare Only

One of the largest engine portfolios offers access to spare engines to non-MRO customers upon availability. Based on the structure of the lease for MRO events, we are able to support you with a spare only, whereby no minimum lease term applies. 

Spare Guarantee

Our Spare Guarantee offers a 100 % Spare Support Availability. An efficient administration, the co-operation with other parties of LHT Group avoids additional stress during AOG situation and results in saving precious time. 


Our engine pooling program manages your spares and provides operational safety in case of additional engines requirements. The customized leasing program helps operators to minimize the total cost of ownership. Joining the LTAA-pool offers the following benefits:

  • Fixed and projectable lease rates
  • Worldwide supply of additional engines with as 24/7 AOG desk
  • Fast support and professional administration in AOG situations
  • Shorter parking periods of your spares plus extra revenue by adding them to the Engine Pool