How to lease an engine

Easy steps to continue flying
Step 1: Need / Call LTAA

We provide a 24/7 – 365 AOG service. Do not hesitate to contact us.  ... more 

Step 2: Commercial & Technical Documents

The following commercial and technical documents will be provided:

  • Engine Technical Records
    (Release Certificate, LLP disk sheet, AD note control sheet, engine accessory/inventory listing, borescope inspection report)
  • Engine Lease Agreement
  • Invoices for prepayment and security deposit

Step 3: Contract / Insurance

If you have questions about

  • engine condition,
  • engine lease agreement (based on standard terms and conditions, subject to amendment if required from different head lessor) or
  • insurance requirements (according to the terms and conditions of the agreement)

we – together with our partners of LHT group – will be pleased to assist.

Step 4: Acceptance / Signature

The following commercial documents will be required from you:

  • signed copy of the agreement via e-mail
  • insurance certificate, approved and accepted by the lessor resp. head lessor
  • aircraft owner / mortgagee acknowledgement
  • advice for prepayment and security deposit

Step 5: Transport

The transport of our lease engine will be organized by us. 

Step 6: Installation / Ready

Our high professional On-Site Servcies team will be pleased to install the lease engine for you.  ... more