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Focusing on customer expectations and needs, Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey is committed to offer fast, reliable and cost-effective solutions besides the main inhouse engine Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul service for turbofan and turboprop aircraft operators. 

General Electric CF34-3

Engine Model Regional Aviation Aircraft Business Aviation Aircraft
CF34-1A   Canadair Challenger CL601-1A
CF34-3A / 3A2   Canadair Challenger CL601-3A
CF34-3A1 Canadair Regional Jet 100 Canadair Challenger CL601-3R
CF34-3B   Canadair Challenger CL604
CF34-3B1 Canadair Regional Jet 200 Bombardier Challenger 800 - 850
Canadair Regional Jet 440  


General Electric CF34-8

Engine Model Regional Aviation Aircraft
CF34-8C Canadair Regional Jet 700
Canadair Regional Jet 900
CF34-8E Embraer Regional Jet 170
Embraer Regional Jet 175


General Electric CF34-10

Engine Model Regional Aviation Aircraft
CF34-10E Embraer Regional Jet 190
Embraer Regional Jet 195


Pratt & Whitney Canada PW100

Engine Model Regional Aviation Aircraft Special Aviation Aircraft
PW118 / 118A / 118B Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia  
PW119B Dornier 328-110  
PW119C Dornier 328-120  
PW120 ATR 42-300  
PW120A Bombardier Dash 8-Q100  
PW121 ATR 42-320  

ATR 42-400

PW123 / 123C Bombardier Dash 8-Q200  
PW123 / 123B / 123E Bombardier Dash 8-Q300  
PW123AF   Canadair CL-215
Canadair CL-415
PW124B ATR 72-200  
PW125B Fokker 50  
PW126 / 126A British Aerospace ATP  
PW127 ATR 72-210  
PW127B Fokker 50 High Performance  
PW127C Xi'an Y7-200A  
PW127E ATR 42-500  
PW127F ATR 72-500  




Xi'an MA60

CASA C-295



ATR 42-600

ATR 72-600



Pratt & Whitney Canada PW150

Engine Model Regional Aviation Aircraft
PW150A Bombardier Dash 8-Q400